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Telemarkfestivalen invites the audience to experience traditional and modern folk music in beautiful surroundings in village of Bø in the county of Telemark in the southern part of Norway. The village has approximately 6000 inhabitants and provides an inviting scenery for both cultural and natural experiences.

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About Telemarkfestivalen

Telemarkfestivalen is an international folk music festival located in Bø in Telemark county in the southern part of Norway. The festival has been conducted annually since 1990 and has approximately 6000 visitors every year. Bø is a small town with a long and strong history when it comes to traditional Norwegian music; and especially the Hardanger fiddle. Even today; Bø is home to many of the most acclaimed fiddlers in Norway. The festival’s very existence is based on preserving and evolving the Norwegian musical heritage.

As well as looking backward, we also look forward. Telemarkfestivalen is an arena for both traditional and modern folk music, and aims to present music in a variety of sub-genres related to folk music. We have learnt that putting musicians from all over the world together in a small Norwegian town can create musical wonders. One of our trademarks is the ability to surprise, touch and even challenge our audience with unique concert experiences.

The dates for the 2024-festival is 8th – 10th of August.

Welcome to Telemarkfestivalen – the essence of Norway!

For more information

Kristoffer Mosfjeld
General manager

Telephone: +47 48 20 50 66
E-mail: [email protected]

Festival passes and tickets

Tickets can be pre-ordered and purchased from Gullbring kulturanlegg –– tel. 35 06 03 90.

Getting here

You can easily travel to Bø by train or bus from Oslo and Oslo Airport. Nearby airports also include Torp airport in Sandefjord. More info at or

Artist proposal?

If you want to propose an artist for the festival, please send information to [email protected]. The best period to send proposals is from October to January.  As we receive lots of proposals each year, we don’t have the capacity to answer all proposers properly. Sorry!   Thank you for your interest in our festival!


If you want to apply for a press accreditation at Telemarkfestivalen, please send information to [email protected].